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Links Page

  1. A-1 Bond Lookup - Agents, check the bond status of your clients A-1 bond.  Type in your Agency Code and the Bond Number (Password required to access this page).

  2. Ehawaii Gov - Licensing Search - License bond holders who purchase surety bonds may verify licensing and bond status here, just type in your name.  Agents can verify bonds and insurance policy dates here too.

  3. What is Surety? - This YouTube explains: What are Surety Bonds? Where did they come from? What do they do?

  4. Contractors, Find a workers-comp/liability insurance agent:

  5. Contractors, Find a supply house bond:

  1. Bail Bond Myths and Prison Population Management - Required reading for all criminal justice advocates who want to argue the issues of bail reform and how to achieve specific results, written by  James Waldron Lindblad.

  2. - Know Your Rights When Encountering Law Enforcement

  3. - National Bail Organization.

  4. Judiciary Home Page - Get information on the Hawaii State Judicuary and Court for all Islands.

  5. Direct Link to Bail Fee's - bail fee laws in Hawaii, see if you are paying the right amount. (As as sales incentive to chose us, A-1 Bail Bonds Offers Two Years for Price of One, if you meet all conditions, with annual bail bond fees only after second year. In most cases this means you save money as many times cases in Hawaii last longer than one year.)

  6. Bail Laws - Direct Link to HRS 804 on Hawaii Bail Laws

  7. See Rule 46- For HPD and Others. Rule 42- No Bounce, Rule 52- Harmless Error, Rule 36- Clerical Error. - See the bail rules for all Hawaii bond agents and bail filing procedures. Go to rule 46 to read what the court rules are on bail bonds.

  8. Licensing of Bail Agents - Law enforcement and court staff can verify licensing of bail agents here to within 24 hours current at state DCCA site. Just type in the name of the bail agent.

  9. Lawdog - Bail information site.

  10. ABOUTBAIL - If you want to find a bail company in your area, this is the site for you.  Also Find out about what bail means.

  11. Bail Forfeiture - Link to bail forfeiture. Hawaii only.

  12. - Frequently Asked Bail Bond, Bondsman Questions

  13. - Almost the same as above # 12

  14. Get Your Court Date at Hoohiki - Get your court date or your charges including most court information on your case, follow the link and just type in your name.  If you  are a co-signer look up case info here.

  15. - A fair and balanced approach to pretrial release and case management wherein we argue the issues fully.

  16. Bail Agent Defined - A definition of Bail Agent

  17. Crime Of The Week from Honolulu Crimestoppers.

  18. National Victim Notification Network - Easy way to assist in verification of custody and sometimes release for those persons held by Department of Public Safety in custody. Will not help for local police custody verification. Must call police by phone to verify police custody.

  19. Honolulu Police Info Site - Need Honolulu Police information site? This is it. Site includes most of the needed phone numbers including Central Booking: 808-723-3000. or 808-723-3284. or Kapolei 808-723-8400 RV 02.24.2022

  20. Department of Public Safety--Jails & Prisons in Hawaii - General information regarding jails, prisons and corrections in Hawaii.

  21. HPD Booking Log - Arrest Logs. Public information.

  22. Make Payments Law Pay Site Credit Cards To make payment, click the link. Use a credit card. It is EZ.

  23. Honolulu Police and Bail - Central Receiving HPD- Police and Bail 808-723-3284

  24. DCCA DOi Link to Surety v PC Memo 2022-5LIC Licensing

General Links

  1. A-1 Bonding, Inc. - Privacy Policy

  2. Ehawaii Gov - Hawaii Government Online

  3. DCCA of Hawaii - Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs

  4. Hawaii Legislature - Bill Status & Documents, Hawaii Revised Statutes, Legislative Information, House, Senate, Special Studies, Archives, and More.

  5. Licensing Link - Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs - Professional and Vocational Licensing

  6. Phone Numbers SOH - State Phone Numbers LRB

  7. Law Library - Online Law Library SOH

  8. How Bail Works - How Bail Works

  9. `Olelo TV Leg Info Watch Legislators at Work

  10. James Waldron Lindblad - TV interview on bail. - Bail in Hawai`i 2012 Edition

  11. State office Link Covid-19 Covid-19 and DCCA-PVL SOH Offices

  12. James Waldron Lindblad, interview, Joy in Our Town KAAH-TV Want to know about bail and pretrial release in Hawai`i, this is a great start.